Altair | DevOps Engineer | 1+ yrs

Altair Recruitment | 1+ year | DevOps Engineer | Bengaluru

Altair Engineering seeks a skilled DevOps Engineer to streamline operations and enhance system reliability. Responsibilities include automation, monitoring, and collaborating with development teams to optimize software delivery. The ideal candidate possesses expertise in cloud platforms, scripting languages, and CI/CD tools. Join us in driving efficiency and innovation in a dynamic work environment. Apply now to elevate your career!


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DevOps Engineer (1+ years)

Altair Engineering is hiring for the post of DevOps Engineer. Interested and eligible candidates can read more details below.

Company Name : Altair Engineering
Job Location : Bengaluru, KA, India
Job Title : DevOps Engineer
Education : Bachelor’s degree
Experience : 1+ years
Job Id : 40657

Altair Recruitment 2024
Responsibilities :

♦ Develop new skills outside of the comfort zone. Continuously learn and improve existing technical skills, and acquire new skills that will be useful for future work
♦ Be accountable and responsible for the accuracy and completeness of assigned work and results
♦ Research new technology and solution alternatives to find the best solutions to problems
♦ Ensure services have 24/7 availability and operational readiness
♦ Strong experience in building highly scalable, secure, efficient, and resilient systems

Requirements : 

♦ Experience in DevOps/ SRE, systems engineering, build/release/deployment automation, Public/ Private/ Hybrid cloud deployment, etc.
♦ 1+ years of experience in Azure (or) AWS (or) GCP (or) OCI is a must
♦ Strong Docker and Kubernetes skills are required
♦ Familiarity with working on an Agile/Iterative development framework
♦ Experience with Infrastructure as Code Tooling – Terraform or AWS CloudFormation or Azure ARM, Configuration Management (Salt Stack or Ansible or Chef or Puppet are good to have)
♦ Experience with Application Observability/Metrics – Grafana stack, Honeycomb, Prometheus, Loki, etc.
♦ Experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment Pipelines – Jenkins CI, GitLab CI/CD
♦ DevOps tooling (GitLab, Jenkins, GitHub, Jira, Jenkins DSL, HashiCorp Vault, Consul, Boundary, Istio, Linkerd, Kapitan, Helm, Keda etc.)

How to Apply :

All interested and eligible candidates can apply in online mode for DevOps Engineer position.

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Salary : According to Glassdoor, the estimated total pay range for a software engineer at Altair Engineering is ₹6–₹10 lakhs per year.

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About Altair

Altair Engineering is a global technology company providing software and cloud solutions for product development, high-performance computing, and data analytics. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Altair’s tools empower organizations to design and optimize products efficiently. Their expertise in simulation-driven design helps clients across industries achieve competitive advantage and drive impactful outcomes in the digital age.

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