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Asteria Aerospace Recruitment | Associate Engineer I | 1-2 yrs | Gurgaon

Asteria Aerospace Recruitment

Asteria Aerospace seeks an Associate Engineer I for Customer Support [Liasoning]. Responsibilities include coordinating between customers and internal teams, ensuring timely resolution of issues, and maintaining strong client relationships. The ideal candidate possesses excellent communication skills, problem-solving abilities and a customer-centric approach. Join us in revolutionizing the aerospace industry with innovative solutions and exceptional service.


Associate Engineer I (0-1 yrs)

Asteria Aerospace is hiring for the post of Associate Engineer I – Customer Support [Liasoning] for Gurgaon location. Interested and eligible candidates can read more details below.

Company Name : Asteria Aerospace
Job Location : Gurgaon, HR, India
Job Title : Associate Engineer I – Customer Support [Liasoning]
Education : B.E./ B.Tech
Experience : 1-2 years

Asteria Aerospace Recruitment 2024
Job Description :

At Asteria, we are looking for a Customer Service representative role which is a pivotal position within our customer support department, responsible for delivering exceptional customer service and serving as the first point of contact for our external/internal customers. Your primary responsibility is to address inquiries, resolve issues, and provide assistance to our valued customers, this role requires strong communication skills, empathy, highly motivated, detail-oriented, and friendly individual with excellent communication and problem-solving skills. The successful candidate will play a key role in ensuring our customers have a positive experience and that the front-end support operations run smoothly.

Responsibilities :

Customer Interaction :
Greet and assist customers, clients, and visitors in a courteous and professional manner.
Provide accurate and timely information regarding products, services, and company policies.
Resolve customer inquiries, complaints, and issues in a prompt and effective manner.
Maintain a deep understanding of our products and services to better assist customers.
Record and track customer interactions and feedback for improvement.

Problem Solving :
♦ Analyze and evaluate customer problems and provide effective solutions or escalate to the appropriate department when necessary.
♦ Maintain a deep understanding of our products and services to troubleshoot customer issues/queries.
♦ Document customer interactions, issues, and resolutions in the company’s service portal system.

Product Knowledge :
♦ Stay up to date with product updates, features, and industry trends.
♦ Educate customers on product features and benefits.
♦ Provide guidance and support for customers to make informed decisions.

Quality Assurance :
♦ Ensure that customer service inquiries are handled promptly, accurately, and professionally.
♦ Monitor and review customer interactions to identify areas for improvement.
♦ Collaborate with the team to continuously enhance service quality and efficiency.

Cross-functional Collaboration :
♦ Coordinate with other departments, such as BD sales, Logistics, and S.E technical support, to address customer needs and ensure a seamless customer experience.
♦ Share customer feedback and insights with the appropriate teams to drive product and service improvements.

Additional Requirements :
♦ Availability to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends, to meet customer needs.
♦ Willingness to participate in ongoing training and professional development.
♦ Adherence to company policies and values, including a commitment to maintaining customer privacy and data security.

Skills & Characteristics :

1. Excellent Communication Skills : The ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both verbally and in writing, is essential. He/she should be able to convey information, instructions, and solutions in a concise and friendly manner.

2. Empathy : Should have a deep understanding of and empathy for the customer’s perspective, he/she needs to be able to relate to customer concerns and show genuine concern for their well-being.

3. Patience : Dealing with a variety of customer personalities and sometimes challenging situations requires patience. A customer service representative should remain calm and composed, even in the face of difficult customers or complex issues.

4. Problem-Solving Skills : Should be adept at analyzing customer problems and finding effective solutions. This involves critical thinking, creativity, and the ability to think on their feet.

5. Product Knowledge : An in-depth understanding of the company’s products and services is crucial. Customer service representatives should be able to answer customer questions and provide guidance regarding product features and benefits.

6. Active Listening : Listening carefully to customers’ concerns and questions is essential. This not only helps in understanding their needs but also in providing accurate and relevant responses.

7. Adaptability : The ability to adapt to changing situations, policies, and customer needs is important. Customer service representatives should be flexible and open to new challenges.

8. Time Management : Efficiently managing their time and prioritizing tasks is essential for handling a high volume of customer inquiries and providing prompt responses.

9. Multitasking : Customer service representatives often need to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, such as managing phone calls, emails, and chat inquiries. The ability to multitask without sacrificing service quality is crucial.

10. Conflict Resolution : Skill in de-escalating conflicts and finding amicable resolutions is a valuable asset. A customer service representative should be able to handle complaints and disputes effectively.

11. Professionalism : Maintaining a professional demeanor and appearance is important when representing the company. Professionalism includes punctuality, respect for company policies, and maintaining customer confidentiality.

12. Positive Attitude : A positive and enthusiastic attitude can enhance the customer’s experience and create a more pleasant interaction.

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How to Apply :

All interested and eligible candidates can apply in online mode for Associate Engineer I – Customer Support [Liasoning] position.

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Salary : The salary for this role is upto ₹5.0 LPA *

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About Asteria Aerospace,

Asteria Aerospace is a cutting-edge company revolutionizing the drone industry with its innovative technology and advanced solutions. Specializing in unmanned aerial systems, they provide top-tier services for various sectors such as defense, agriculture, and surveillance. With a commitment to excellence and safety, Asteria continues to push boundaries in aerial intelligence, setting new standards for efficiency and reliability in the field of drones.

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Post expires on Saturday August 3rd, 2024

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