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New Relic Recruitment2+ yrs | Information Systems Engineer | Hyderabad

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New Relic seeks an Information Systems Engineer to join our dynamic team. You play a crucial role in maintaining optimizing our IT infrastructure. Responsibilities include troubleshooting issues, implementing solutions, and ensuring system reliability. If you have a passion for technology and a knack for problem-solving, apply now to be part of our innovative company.


Information Systems Engineer (2+ yrs)

New Relic is hiring for the post of Information Systems Engineer. Interested and eligible candidates can read more details below.

Company Name : New Relic
Job Location : Hyderabad, TS, India
Job Title : Information Systems Engineer
Education : Bachelor’s degree
Experience : 2+ years
Req. ID : 6200
Work arrangement(s) : Hybrid (works from home and New Relic office throughout the week)

New Relic Recruitment 2024
Your opportunity :

New Relic’s IT Engineering Team is searching for an Information Systems Engineer who’s passionate about integration, automation and security!

We are seeking an enthusiastic SaaS Administrator who can collaborate with seniors engineers and handle Okta Identity and Access Management (IAM) tasks.The ideal candidate should possess foundational knowledge of computer networking, experience with Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools such as Jamf and Microsoft Intune, and the ability to collaborate effectively with diverse teams. The candidate will also assist with audits, have familiarity with Jira Software and Jira IT Service Management.

What you’ll do :

♦ Assist in managing and maintaining SaaS applications across the organization.
♦ Support user and service accounts, including provisioning, de-provisioning, and permission management.
♦ Assist in managing and configuring Okta IAM policies for the organization.
♦ Support user provisioning, de-provisioning, and lifecycle management through Okta.
♦ Help integrate Okta with various SaaS applications.
♦ Monitor and troubleshoot Okta-related issues to ensure seamless access and security.
♦ Support the configuration, deployment, and management of Macs, PCs and mobile devices using Jamf and Microsoft Intune.
♦ Assist in implementing and enforcing security policies.
♦ Troubleshoot and resolve basic issues related to device configurations and applications.
♦ Assist with troubleshooting wireless devices and APs, VPN and other network issues.
♦ Provide support for network-related issues impacting SaaS applications.
♦ Work with the security team to help ensure SaaS applications, endpoint devices, and Okta IAM comply with security policies.
♦ Participate in security audits and assessments.
♦ Assist in implementing security best practices for SaaS applications, devices, and IAM.
♦ Help prepare and provide documentation for internal and external audits.
♦ Ensure all SaaS applications, MDM tools, and Okta IAM are compliant with audit requirements.
♦ Address audit findings under supervision and assist in implementing corrections.
♦ Assist in creating tickets in Jira Software and Jira ITSM to support project and service management workflows

This role requires :

♦ Basic familiarity with SaaS platforms and cloud-based services.
♦ An understanding of Okta’s integration with other SaaS applications.
♦ Basic knowledge of Jamf device enrollment, management, configuration profiles and policies.
♦ Knowledge of endpoint security best practices.
♦ Understanding of basic networking concepts such as TCP/IP, DNS, and DHCP.
♦ Basic scripting skills to aid in task automation.
♦ Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
♦ Problem-solving abilities and attention to detail.
♦ Willingness to learn and grow within the role.

Education and Experience :

♦ Associate’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related field.
♦ Minimum of 2+ years of experience in information systems engineering or a related field.

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How to Apply :

All interested and eligible candidates can apply in online mode for Information Systems Engineer position.

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Salary : The salary for this role is upto ₹23.5 LPA *

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Post expires on Saturday August 24th, 2024

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